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Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean
15$ - 30$
418 345-8758
120, rue de la Plage (Saint-Gédéon) G0W 2P0

Award winner at the Grands Prix du Tourisme Québécois (Gold). A friendly bistro with a spacious pastoral patio offering sumptuous cuisine that expertly combines local cheeses, grilled meats and charcoal smoked delicacies, in addition to many beer-infused specialities. Warm and friendly atmosphere. The pairing of craft beer and cuisine at its best. Regional wine, spirits, coffee and teas are also on the menu. Don’t miss the BBQ on Thursdays with our special charcoal cooked menu!

Auberge le parasol
Arr. Chicoutimi (Saguenay)
15$ - 30$
418 543-7771
1 866 543-7771
1287, boulevard Saguenay Est (Arr. Chicoutimi (Saguenay)) G7H 1G7

Dining room, 85 seats.

Popular, vegetarian, Canadian, French, regional (seasonal product). Panoramic view.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, daily menu, table d’hôte.

Licensed, room for groups. Service in English depending on availability.

Auberge du Jardin
15$ - 30$
418 272-3444
1 888 272-3444
71, rue Dumas (Petit-Saguenay) G0V 1N0

Refined cuisine combining regional and local flavors (mushrooms, blueberries) with French-inspired specialties. Fish, seafood, variations of meat and game, vegetarian dishes. Diversity ensured with the seasons and according to the arrivals. Fruity breakfasts. Preparation of packed lunches to take away in activity.

La Maison Banville Café Bistro
15$ - 30$
418 613-0888
1086, boulevard Sacré-Coeur (Saint-Félicien) G8K 2X5

The memory of Dr. Banville is still alive and well in this vast heritage house. Serving light meals such as paninis, soups and salads made with local products. A creative table d'hôte menu of regional delights is also served (Fridays and Saturdays), completed by warm and delicious desserts right out of the oven. Enjoy regional ingredients with our traditional menu during the summer.

Café, 35 seats (30 outdoor terrace). 

Market-fresh, paninis, salads, terroir and house products, espresso.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Take out, licensed, music or show (not always available), bicycle access.

Village-Vacances Petit-Saguenay
Moins de 15$
418 272-3193
1 877 420-3193
99, chemin Saint-Étienne (Petit-Saguenay) G0V 1N0

During the high season, the dining room (129 seats + 85 seats on the terrace) of Le Vacancier restaurant is open from 7.30 am to 8 pm and offers lunch, dinner and dinner buffet.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, our team will spare no effort to make your experience a memorable one.

Service also available in English subject to availability.