Vineyard located in Roberval in the beautiful region of Lac St-Jean, that is less than 1km from Route 169.

Property of 3 hectares, there are 3500 vines divided into four main grape varieties for wine making. We also have more than 300 red table grapes who are dedicated for pick your own.

In commercial operation since 2017, it’s implantation began in 2004 with multiple trials of different grape varieties. We must know that our region is in it’s first steps in terms of growing vines for the production of wines. So let us have the pleasure of surprise you by the quality of our products by coming to visit us and enjoy them with free samples directly in our facilities. Warmly, we will make you discover our white, red, rosé and fortified wines. 100% of the products are made from the vines that we grow here at the vineyard.

As soon as you will taste our unique products, you will discover our flavors defined by the unique character of our climate in the boreal zone. These delicious flavors are shaped by our snowy and harsh winters and also by our hot and short summers. On reservation, we will be pleased to make you live beautiful experiences either by a guided tour with demonstrations and videos, in order to better understanding of how it is possible to cultivate the vines in such northern conditions. Bistro’s style tables are available on the vineyard for picnics, happy hours and such. A unique activity in the region is offered to you as a single family or as a group, come pick your own basket of red and delicious grapes witch are without seeds simply as you pick up secator and basket on site. These variety is available just before the harvest which is at the end of September and it’s on weekends only.

To end the season in beauty, there is of course, the harvest. You are invited to come live wonderful moments and enjoy the beautiful season that is autumn with us.

Harvest is also on reservation.

Consult our website and facebook for the dates of all activities. We are waiting for you.

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2090, Chemin Des Deux-Rivières, Roberval, , G8H 2M9

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