Looking for adventure in your own vehicle? Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is the ideal place for caravanning enthusiasts! Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, listen to the sounds of the festivities or enjoy a family getaway, we've got it all! What could be better than admiring the beauty of the countryside from the comfort of your own vehicle?

Whether you're looking for ideas for activities to discover our vast region, practical tips on vanlife or a place to park, this page will answer all your questions.


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Live in harmony with local communities

In the vanlife community, the basic rules can be summed up in two key principles: encourage local businesses and leave no trace of your visit. In line with the Association Vanlife Québec, we offer you this list of values to adopt during your stay in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region:

  • Respect private property and occupy only areas that permit it;

  • Respect the rules posted in public places;

  • Keep my vehicle on the roads, trails and areas designated for this purpose;

  • Do no damage to the environment and preserve plant and animal life where it can be found;

  • Encourage the municipalities and businesses that welcome us with purchases;


  • Do not become a nuisance under any circumstances;

  • Dispose of wastewater in designated areas;

  • Make fires only if it is safe and authorized to do so;

  • Promote these good practices;

  • Leave areas cleaner than when you arrived, even if it means picking up garbage left by others.

Did you know..? The difference between parking and camping

Here in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, we advocate and reinforce the definitions of parking and camping that are accepted by the majority of the international vanlifers' community. To ensure that everyone can enjoy their stay in mutual respect, we present the differences between parking and camping.

The van is parked when :

  • Its wheels are placed on the ground without chocks or jacks;
  • No installations protrude outside the vehicle (step, awning, open bay, etc.);
  • No camping is practiced (table, chair, linen, barbecue, etc.).

A van is considered in a camping situation as soon as it meets one of the above criteria. A permanently deployed running board, a chair out of the way, a chock under the wheel, and the vehicle is considered to be camping. 


We strongly recommend that travellers with vehicles over 25' in length, who overstep parking lines or other caravanners wishing to camp to use campgrounds for their stay in the region. These campgrounds offer a full range of services for a memorable experience that's sure to meet your needs!

Map of parking spaces for self-propelled vans

Sleep on the shores of Lac Saint-Jean, the Route du Fjord or in the heart of downtown - everything's possible!

Here's an interactive map to help you easily find places to park and spend the night, anywhere in the region.

Légende des symboles

Several applications exist to find vanlife sites in the area.  Please respect the charter of values to be adopted as indicated above in the page and, it is strongly recommended to consult the municipal by-laws in force before parking for the night.

For a hassle-free stay, choose our campgrounds instead!

Our campgrounds offer modern, comfortable facilities so you can make the most of your van trip. You'll find spacious pitches, clean and well-maintained toilets and showers, picnic areas, laundry services and much more.

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There's plenty to do in SagLac!

When you travel by van, you want to enjoy every moment and visit freely without being constrained by a tight schedule. To help you plan your days in complete freedom, take a look at our interactive map of attractions and restaurants to discover in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.


See the attractions See the restaurants

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