Glamping in the mountains

Imago Village now offers access to a new restaurant, Café Giallo. It offers breakfast pastries, a sandwich bar and gelato, an Italian ice cream. And, of course, it also sells coffee. A menu to please everyone!


Imago Village has added a unique new accommodation offering in the shape of a half-sphere, in the style of a small igloo. Kamook domes offer visitors a luxurious stay thanks to heated floors, full bathrooms, access to running water and heat pumps, which provide heating and air conditioning. They can accommodate from two to four people in their bright, welcoming space. Ten domes are available, in addition to yurts of various sizes.

From dome to snowmobile


Imago Village is also adding a new nature adventure component to its range. With their new snowmobiles, including several electric ones, Imago Tours offers short and long expeditions to discover the magnificent Monts-Valin and its surroundings.

Expeditions can last from 4 to 9 hours, and electric snowmobile outings can be combined with snowshoe hikes. This new offer creates a great combination of accommodation, restaurant and eco-responsible outdoor activity.

Fjord Backcountry Skiing Expedition

It's now possible to explore the magnificent winter scenery of the Saguenay fjord with Fjord en Kayak. Their new off-trail cross-country skiing activities will allow you to venture into the boreal forest and the region's northern wilderness on otherwise inaccessible territory. The Fjord Descent expedition is a unique and unforgettable adventure. Throughout this four-day excursion, the frozen cliffs and endless pack ice will be your home. What's more, it's the perfect opportunity to watch the impressive spectacle of these gigantic boats trying to reach the shore, with their escorts breaking through the ice to create a passageway. What's more, the evenings are punctuated by aperitifs, hearty meals and plenty of fun to share. It's a unique experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Electric adventure!


Starting this winter, Saguenay Aventures will be offering a noise-free, odor-free snowmobiling experience. Their latest acquisition, the electric snowmobile, will help reduce environmental impact while still allowing you to enjoy the popular snowmobile expeditions.

Half-day tours, including a trip on the ice of the fjord, are available, as well as two-hour trial runs on predefined circuits.

New restaurant for La Saguenéenne


Hôtel La Saguenéenne now offers a restaurant service unique in the region: the Tomahawk grill Saguenay! This new steakhouse-style restaurant is sure to charm with its upscale menu. You'll be able to enjoy a variety of sharing platters of meat and fish. Vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free dishes are available to suit all tastes. Hotel guests will also be pleased to learn that the restaurant will be open in the morning with an equally attractive breakfast menu! An asset to La Saguenéenne that is sure to be appreciated by tourists and locals alike.


Themed mini-chalets

Auberge Presbytère Mont Lac-Vert is the perfect place to recharge your batteries with family and friends. They expanded their offering to include two new themed mini-chalets, where guests can enjoy an extraordinary experience. Available all year round, these accommodations have all the comforts of home and are located right next to the inn.

Set back on the edge of the forest, the rustic style of these cottages will charm you. What's more, they're immersed in two distinct themes. La Chapelle and L'École are meticulously decorated with objects steeped in history. What's more, two new mini-chalets will soon be making their appearance - a new feature to keep an eye on!