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Festival du Cowboy de Chambord

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71, boulevard de la Montagne, Chambord, Québec, G0W 1G0

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The Chambord Cowboy Festival is one of the most popular country festivals in Quebec, with 30,000 visitors and 200 competitors from all over North America.
The riding of the horse without saddle.
To receive a score, the cowboy must hold for 8 seconds with one hand and a handle on the back of the animal. If the cowboy holds 8 seconds, he receives a score for up to 50 points and a maximum of 50 points as well for the horse.
The riding of the horse with saddle.
During this event, similar to the riding of the horse without saddle for rules and scoring, the cowboy sits on a saddle on the back of the animal and must stand with one hand to a braided cable connected to the halter of the animal. The riding of the horse with saddle is very similar to the work of the cowboys on the ranches of yesteryear.
Taking the veal with a lasso
In this event the rider must team with his horse to catch a lasso calf and attach 3 legs as quickly as possible. This test is inspired by the way cowboys caught calves on ranches to tag animals.
The terracing of the steer
In this event, the cowboy starts on his horse at the exit of the fall and he must slide on a 500-pound steer to knock him down as quickly as possible.
The rescue race
During this team event, a rider must go get a jumper at the other end of the arena and complete his turn as quickly as possible.
The exchange of rider
This event is similar to the rescue race but this time a rider starts on one side of the arena and joins a jumper on the other. Here, the first rider throws himself at the bottom of his horse to make room for the jumper.
The express pony
This test, inspired by courier deliverers in the plains and meadows that changed mounts without stopping to avoid ambushes, starts with a horse in the center of the merry-go-round while another starts the race and must bypass the 4 markers in the carousel. In the exchange zone, located between the third and fourth bollards, the rider on the horse riding around the track must climb onto the center horse and complete the mount exchange. He must then complete a lap as soon as possible.
Wild bull riding
The cowboy must hold with one hand for 8 seconds on a bull that weighs between 1500 and 2000 pounds. If the cowboy holds 8 seconds, 50 points are allocated to the cowboy and 50 points are allocated to the bull.