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Here, there is snow and a host of places where you can experience ice fishing. Ice fishing, or ice fishing, is a very distinctive experience in our winters. Live an immersive experience from A to Z where you will catch your fish in an ice hut.

Awesome, unique: there are no words to describe the magnificent Saguenay Fjord. See it from a different angle by fishing on its frozen surface! A variety of quality and edible fish await you for an ice fishing trip that you will remember for a long time. The Saguenay Fjord, with its deep salt water, will allow you to catch extraordinary fish such as redfish, turbot and cod.

It is possible to rent a cabin as well as the services of a guide.


Sites where you can ice fish on the fjord: 

Several companies offer guided experiences such as Okwari Le Fjord, Fjord Lac Chasse et Pêche and Pêche Aventures Saguenay

  • Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

Auberge Aventure Rose-des-Vents offers hut rental and full equipment.

  • L'Anse-Saint-Jean.


Ice fishing on Lake Saint-Jean : 

On the Lac Saint-Jean side of the lake, there is no defined site for ice fishing. People can therefore call on companies such as Aventure Lac Saint-Jean, which offers guided excursions starting from the Village sur glace de Roberval. 

Otherwise, throughout the season, the Village sur Glace de Roberval and the Village Boréal de Saint-Félicien are ideal places to enjoy the fresh air with your family in a warm atmosphere and with a wide variety of outdoor activities. 

To experience ice fishing, remember this:

  • Dress warmly
  • You will be able to rent equipment
  • You do not need a fishing license to fish on the Saguenay Fjord.
  • You will need a fishing license to fish on any other lake in the area.
  • You can combine the experience with accommodation, a package
  • You may be accompanied by an experienced guide for novices.
  • The ice fishing season begins in mid-January and ends in early March.


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