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Saguenay en Neige

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2435, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, suite 210, Saguenay (arrondissement Jonquière), G8A 1X3

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A unique festival in Saguenay

Sculptures on snow, 11 days of 100% free activities, indoor shows and more!

Saguenay en Neige is one of the most prestigious winter activities, while retaining a distinctive feature: presenting a gigantic ephemeral art gallery with nearly 200 works, an open-air museum, a happening as professional as popular, finally a true festival dedicated essentially to the sculpture and to the winter activities offered to the population free of charge. Saguenay en Neige is also full of original activities, special events and surprises.

A varied program


February 3 to 13, 2022


The Village of Monsieur Flocon

Saguenay en Neige offers a winter development concept specially designed for families.The Village of Monsieur Flocon is one of the most popular sites for both young children and their parents. Giant toys from child's imagery are created by a team of professional sculptors. A giant slide, an animation team and sculpture competitions complete the exterior elements of Mr. Flocon's village.

Inside the Nikitoutagan Pavilion, many activities are offered to the whole family such as children's shows, musical shows, magician and many others. So a varied programming so that the population can live 11 days of celebration in a fairy, clean and safe environment.

Not to be missed!

In addition to the cultural aspect of sculpture, a multitude of free activities are offered to the whole family. Fireworks, parent-child Olympics, slides and various shows expand the clientele from children to adults. We understand more and more that our snow can be a richness in the same way that sand is for countries with a more mild climate.

Several activities are thus the subject of competitions and come back every year because of their popularity. The proposed activities tend to be part of an extension of the Saguenay en Neige theme: Come and tame winter and My winter is Saguenay en Neige! A tourist and cultural winter alternative of high quality for the local and regional population as well as Quebec.

Giant sculpture

A sculpture of 90 tons.

Did you know that the Festival achieves a feat each year by erecting a sculpture 25 feet high and 16 feet in diameter? A performance of sculptors worthy of the most impressive sculptures in the world which remains a major attraction of the Festival! A team of professional snow artists is invited every year to take up this daunting challenge ... For example, the team of Michel Fortin, who has taken up the challenge on many occasions, usually puts 450 hours of work on this achievement which requires delivery of no less than 26 snow trucks!

It is the team of Michel Fortin who will realize in 2019 this masterful work. The giant sculpture is always a must-see attraction.


2009 The Guardian of the Works : Directed by Michel Fortin and his team

2010 Goalkeeper : Directed by Thomas Meloche and his team

2011 The Draveurs : Directed by Michel Fortin and his team

2012 The greatest guy! : Directed by the Elemental-Earth Sculptors (Captain: Thomas Meloche)

2013 Polar bears on flakes : Directed by the Elemental-Earth Sculptors (Captain: Thomas Meloche)

2014 White Fishing at Imagineige Lake : Directed by Michel Fortin and his team

2015 Tolerance : Directed by Michel Fortin and his team