With the 42 kilometers of sandy beaches surrounding Lac Saint-Jean, we have only one desire: to swim and enjoy the heat of summer. Would you rather opt for the exceptional landscapes of the Route du Fjord? You will discover a generous nature, conducive to adventure and relaxation.

In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the water is good, the sand is warm and the family comes to stock up on memories!

Discover the beaches all along lac Saint-Jean, Saguenay and the Route du Fjord.

Discover the sandy beaches bordering the magnificent Lac Saint-Jean

Lac Saint-Jean - Pekuakami in Ilnu, which means shallow water, is fed by large natural and wild rivers. 210 kilometers of shoreline and 42 kilometers of beaches around an inland sea, fill up on energy and sunshine has never been so heavenly. The most annoying thing will be to choose from the fifteen fine sandy beaches that line a huge part of the shores of the largest inhabited lake in Quebec. Lac Saint-Jean has what it takes to satisfy all desires, whether you're solo, a romantic duo or traveling as a family.

With waters approaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, we only want to jump in the wave! Little advice, do not forget the sunscreen!

Municipal beaches

  • Saint-Prime municipal beach
    Quai avenue, Saint-Prime
  • Chambord municipal beach
    Parc-Municipal road, Chambord
  • Saint-Gédéon municipal beach
    8, Beach road, Saint-Gédéon
  • Lac-Bouchette public beach
    128 Ermitage road, Lac-Bouchette

A tailor-made itinerary

Discover the beaches of Lac Saint-Jean with this tailor-made itinerary. Feel free to adapt it to the pace of your vacation!

Don't hesitate to stop at a tourist information office for advice on your itinerary, complementary activities to please the whole family, cosy stops to rest after your day and much more! 

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Other beaches in the Lac Saint-Jean sector

Even if they do not directly overlook Lac Saint-Jean, many beaches are also accessible near it. Sweetness and calm await you there and the detour is certainly worth it. The pleasure will be there!

It is a chance to stay in such a grandiose part of the country. Whether by a lake or a river, there are plenty of places to cool off.

The beaches in Saguenay and along the Route du Fjord

Whether you want to land for the day near one of our lakes, or directly on the banks of the Saguenay Fjord, you will certainly not be disappointed. Discover here some suggestions of sandy beaches that will amaze you.

Accessible beaches in Saguenay

Very close to the city, discover fine sandy beaches that will allow you to relax and have a good time with your family.

Young or old, wise or delinquent, alone or in a gang, you won't be able to resist the lively and festive spirit of Saguenay.

Other locations

  • Baie des Ha! Ha!
    Mars street, Saguenay (La Baie bor.)

The beaches in the Route du Fjord sector

On the shores of a charming lake, or to dive into the immensity of the Saguenay Fjord, the ideal beach for you is here!

The Route du Fjord sector is impressive. It becomes a postcard, no matter where you choose to approach its discovery.

Discover aquatic experiences

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