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Vergers de Velours

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324, route 169, Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, G0W 2X0

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418 347-4639

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Les Vergers de Velours is a unique, young and dynamic company that produces new and innovative drinks in Quebec. 

Our alcoholic beverages have won a total of 25 national and international awards. 

Stop by the boutique on Route 169 for a tasting and discover the history of the company, the varieties grown and the methods of production.

Discover also the processed products of the company such as the port jelly to be tasted with cheeses and delicatessen. The chive flower vinegar to use in your favorite recipes. Birch syrup and its unique use. The fine chocolate made by hand directly in the orchards. In season, discover fresh fruits and vegetables.

A must-see stop!


  • ė Reservations required


May 15 to Labour day

9 am to 5 pm

During winter, only the store is opened, reservation is required for visits


The enterprise offer a visit « Apéro au Vergers », an hour and a half of walking visit in the orchands and more. This activity is offered upon reservation of a group only (minimum 15 persons) and is offered in english upon request. This activity takes place from 6pm to 8pm and included a visit of the different orchards, of our brewering area, visit of our birch syrup installation and the explanation of the birch syrup transformation process.
This activity goes on with the sampling of our complete range of alcohols in our tasting area while listening to the owner explanation of the creation of the orchards. You will have the occasion of asking your questions to the owner.
Finaly the visit end by the tasting of our handmade chocolates in the boutique. Come visit us !

Discover our unique products designed by the Vergers. You will find the birch syrup, the chive flower vinegar, our differents fruits and vegetables always fresh and our handmade chocolats. Come visit the boutique to find out more about us!

Find out the most unique alcohol in quebec: the cherry mistelle, the pear liquor, the first cider in saguenay-Lac-st-jean, a brand-type saskatoon berry alcohol, the first honeysuckle (camerise) flavored with apple alcohol, the plum, red curant, gooseberry and grape mistelle and a blackberry and raspberry wine.

Theses alcohol have earned more than 27 awards nationaly and internationaly among wich the great double gold reward.

The range of alcoholic beverages: 
Le vent du nord: port-style cherry mistelle. 
Les belles du lac : pear liqueur. 
L'abénaki : brandy type drink with saskatoon. 
La vallée de Qu'appelle : first cherry drink in Quebec. 
La Pomme de Velours: first cider from Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. 
Lady Annabelle: plum mistelle flavored with red currant, gadelle and grape. 
Murmure d'automne: Blackberry wine flavored with yellow, red and black raspberries. 
Aperitif and digestifs with 17% alcohol and wine with 12% alcohol. 

Tasting is available at all time in the boutique.