Here, there is snow and a lot of places where you can live the experience of a cozy stop. There's nothing like a cozy stop in an unusual place to relax in winter. 

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Non-traditional accommodation

Whether you stop over for a night or spend the week, the unusual accommodations of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region are a true haven of peace for a successful winter stay. Imagine sleeping in a dome or a yurt surrounded by the immensity of the only inhabited fjord in North America or on the ice of the impressive Lac Saint-Jean. 

The advantage of staying in an unusual accommodation is that nature is never far away, and a wide range of activities are available for a successful winter stay.

Sleeping in a Yurt

What could be better than sleeping in a yurt to give you the impression of being alone in the world... or almost. To settle down, to have the impression that time stops, and to let the magic operate while you are one with nature. Memorable memories are within your reach. 

Here is a suggestion of yurt accommodation not to be missed this winter: 

Sleep in a customized accommodation

You want to discover the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region from a completely different angle? Why not sleep in a mini-cabin made from a container? That's what Coolbox offers with its ready-to-camp unit that combines originality, beauty, narrowness, safety and great comfort.

Would you rather discover the grandiose Lac Saint-Jean? Experience an original immersion with the Igloft, a "modern day igloo" adapted to the seasonal realities of the region. Protected from the elements, reclaim the immensity of Lac Saint-Jean.

Sleep in a dome or a Kamouk

Between glamping and hotels, sleeping in a dome is a good compromise when it comes to enjoying winter in comfort. L'Éternel Spa offers you the opportunity to stay in luxurious spheres all year round, close to the spa and the impressive Monts-Valin.

Next to the Eternal Spa, half-sphere accommodations are offered at Imago Village. The Kamook domes offer a luxurious stay to its visitors thanks to its heated floors, its complete bathrooms and its access to running water.


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Classic accommodations

For one or more nights in absolute comfort, impeccable service and complementary services, the classic lodging experience is just right for your stay in the region.

You'll find room for the whole family, restaurants nearby or in the building itself, secure equipment for your snowmobiles and cozy beds.

When staying in a hotel, be sure to book directly with the hoteliers for more benefits. If you plan to travel with your equipment or snowmobile, ask about their secure facilities.

Staying at the hotel

At the hotel, no headache! We arrive, we take the keys of our room and we just have to relax. The offer in hotel is big in the region, you will certainly find one adapted to your need.


Feeling at home in a B&B

What if we told you that it is possible to feel at home, but in a bed and breakfast? B&Bs are small furnished and fully equipped houses or apartments that can be rented out so that you can enjoy your stay in the area!

Sleep in an inn

Why not sleep in the comfort of an inn and share some rooms with other visitors? Inns are definitely a great place to relax and meet people.

Cozy cottages

If you want to live the authentic chalet experience, you can find it just about anywhere in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Find cottages for rent near ski resorts, in the region's national parks and in the many villages that make our reputation.

For a good time with friends or family and to make yourself at home, this is the best experience for you. We light the wood stove, we concoct the best food and we live the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean to the fullest. 

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Enjoy winter activities

Take advantage of your stay in the region to discover a wide range of winter activities! In the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, snow is always present: sledding, skiing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, skating and Nordic spa, everything is possible. The territory is also crisscrossed with marked snowmobile trails that allow you to discover unexplored places. Here, winter is never a barrier to pleasure.


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