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Here, there is snow and a host of places where you can experience a cozy stop. Winter is made for a change of scenery and a cozy stop in an unusual place, it does the job as we say in our area!

Non-traditional accommodation

Live an extraordinary experience where you will experience winter differently in a small warm cocoon. Sleep in a yurt near the Monts-Valin National Park, the Valinouët ski resort and the Nordic baths of the Eternal Spa. Experience the experience of staying in the middle of the white desert of Lac Saint-Jean in an Igloft that you will have to access by snowmobile! Relax in one of the Coolboxes installed in the Lac au Fjord region, or live the relaxing experience of a cottage.


To experience non-traditional accommodations, keep this in mind : 

  • Reservations are required in advance, since overnight stays are fast!
  • You can often combine this with a package with nearby activities.
  • You'll sleep warm!
  • Plan your meals!

The hotel experience


For absolute comfort, accompanied by impeccable service and complementary services, the hotel experience is ideal for your stay in the region. At your disposal, room for the whole family, restaurants nearby and right in the building, secure equipment for your snowmobiles and cozy beds.


To stay in a hotel/motel, remember this : 

  • Book directly with the hotel owners for more advantages.
  • Find out about the various health measures in place
  • Ask about their secure installations for your snowmobile.

Cocooning accomodation

To live the authentic chalet experience, it happens all over the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Find cottages for rent near ski centers, national parks in the region and in the many villages that make our great reputation. To spend a good time with friends or family and to settle down and make yourself at home, this is the perfect cozy experience for you. You light the wood stove, make the best food and live the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region to the fullest. 


To stay in a cottage, keep this in mind: 

  • You have to reserve in advance, because the nights are going fast!
  • Reserve on regional sites that are exactly for this purpose.
  • You will often be able to combine a package with nearby activities.
  • Plan your meals! 


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