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Pub la Tour à Bières

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517, rue Racine Est, Saguenay (arrondissement Chicoutimi), G7H 1T8

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418 545-7272

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A flavour-infused location where clients can taste excellent beer prepared on-site.

Outdoor and inside terraces offering beathtaking sceneries.

Beers on tap, Lager beers, La Saguenéenne, La Saguenéenne "lager" version, La Dubuc, La Cap Trinité, La Montagnaise (IPA)



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Beer on tap

Blond beers

The Saguenéenne

A blond ale with slightly pronounced malt flavors, sweet on the palate. Using an American yeast provides a smooth, crisp and very well balanced finish. A beer whose initial sweetness quickly disappears to give way to a very discreet bitterness. 5%. Available in 58.6 liter, 30 and 20 liter drums.

The Saguenéenne version "lager"

A softer but very interesting version of the original Saguenéenne. 4.5%. Available in 58.6 liter drums. La Victor A strong amber blond beer with a slight bitterness on the finish. It offers a little fruity taste that will remind you of some European beers. It displays a character combining petulance and a lot of solidity in the mouth as it ages. Named in honor of Victor Delamarre, it represents this man who was a force of nature. The Victor, soft but very strong ... 6.5%. Available in 58.6 liter drums.

The Dubuc

A blond beer with a very amber color and a very slightly hoppy taste. It also offers a little fruity taste that will remind some English ales. It is a very popular product with fans of our beers. As it ages, it develops aromas that will delight your palate. Named in honor of the famous Chicoutimian businessman J.E.A. Dubuc. 5%. Available in 58.6 liter, 30 and 20 liter drums.

Cape Trinity

With an alcohol content of around 5%, it must age a few months to offer its full potential. After this time, the sweetness of the cereals will undoubtedly be present and it will have acquired a golden blond color as well as a pleasant scent of hops ... The yeast used in its brewing is a European specialty that is difficult to obtain and this beer does not. is produced very rarely. It was named so to recall the impressive effect caused by the view of Cap Trinité located on the Saguenay Fjord. Occasionally available in 58.6 liter drums.

La Montagnaise (IPA)

A very hoppy amber blonde. Its powerful and warm taste seduces and leaves an unforgettable sensation on the taste buds. Its impetuous character does not fade and will last for a long time. "It is brewed to stay up late" with the aim of appealing to those who love the bitterness and the taste of a true India Pale Ale. Originally, the IPA was developed by the British. It was brewed at a higher density and with a stronger hopping so that it could better tolerate the boat trip from England to India. 5.5%. Available in 58.6 liter drums.